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A student who is passionate in baking. Not a professional but I enjoy baking for my loved ones :) This blog is mainly for the purpose of recording down what I've tried baking throughout the years. I get my inspirations from various outlets, mainly Kawaii Sweet World
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Snowskin Mooncake (冰皮月饼)
Friday, September 9, 2016 @ 12:28 AM

Haven't been able to update cos I've been really busy T.T I dun even have the time to bake anymore. Anyhow, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming so here's a recipe for my favourite Snowskin Mooncake!! :D It's been a few years since I last made them alr :( Actually Im quite busy with my thesis right nw but Im trying to find time within these few days to make if possible. So I'll post pics after I get to make. For nw, it's just the recipe. Snowskin Mooncake is really easy to make & anyone can make it as long as you have the ingredients & the mould. The only more difficult part would be wrapping the filling with the skin. That one really takes some time to practise but nth beats home-made ones :) All the ingredients can be found from Phoon Huat (go google for the shop; they have a lot of branches in SG).
Here we go:

1. 150g Fried Glutinous Rice Flour (糕粉)

2. 250g Icing Sugar (糖粉)

3. 50g Crisco aka shortening (白油)

4. 130ml Cold Water (has to be cooked beforehand) (煮过的冷水)

5. 1/4 teaspoon pandan/banana essence (班兰/香蕉的香精)

6. 800g lotus paste/red wine paste/ durian paste/ any pastes that are to your liking

7. Food colouring is optional; I usually dun add cos I want it to be healthier hahaha! 

1. Sift the Fried Rice Flour, Icing Sugar into a big bowl before adding the Crisco. Rub the crisco into the flour mixture with fingertips.

2. Mix water and the essence together before adding the liquid mixture into the bowl of flour, sugar & crisco. Mix thoroughly. You can add the food colouring after u have the dough ready if you want.

3. Divide the dough mixture into 50g each & the filling into ard 55g each (can also be 25g dough, 30g filling each; it really depends how big or small you want your mooncake to be) 

4. Flatten the mooncake skin and place the filling in the centre of the dough before wrapping it. (Dust some flour onto the table and your hand to prevent the skin from sticking) 

5. Put the dough with filling into the mooncake mould and press firmly to get the imprint on it. Turn the mould over and give a few taps to loosen the mooncake & tada! the mooncake is done. A nice mooncake shud have imprints from the mould onto the skin :) (a tip will be to dust some flour onto the mould before putting the mooncake dough into it cos it might stick onto the mould & you'll end up having difficulty getting it out and may ruin the imprint) 

6. Chill in fridge. Serve cold.

Yup, that's all for this recipe!! Fast, easy & yummy! :D Will update with pictures if I have the time to make. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advanceee!! :)) 

Strawberry (Jelly) Hearts Cheesecake
Thursday, February 4, 2016 @ 10:39 PM


The first time I made it in 2011. 

This was for my friend's birthday party in 2015! 

This is the most popular dessert among my family and friends and thus, I've made this dessert countless times alr hahaha! I've put in a bracket for the word "jelly" becos you can choose to not put jelly for the cheesecake though it would look prettier lah hahaha! And I've decided to not put jelly after the first time I made this cake in 2011. Actually nowadays, this jelly hearts cheesecake can be found easily at those cake or dessert shops so there are probably a lot of ppl who know how to make this cheesecake alr. Anyway, I love this dessert a lot too but cos I've made it a lot of times alr, I dun eat a lot anymore hahaha!! And it can easily be made for dessert tables at parties cos smaller cups wont make ppl feel too full  :) 
Here's the recipe: 

Not all the ingredients are in this pic actually hahaha! 

1. 9 McVitie's Original Digestive biscuits, crushed (actually I always put ard 12 biscuits hahaha! this digestive biscuit can be easily found in NTUC) 

2. 70g butter, melted

3. 250g cream cheese, room temperature (I always get them from Phoon Huat, but NTUC sells cream cheese too) 

4. 295g condensed milk (I always put lesser, maybe ard 270g? Can alter accordingly to your own taste but of cos, dun put more than the amt the recipe states cos you wouldnt want it to turn out too sweet)

5. Juice of 1 lemon 

6. 2 tsp gelatin (gelatin comes in the form of sheets, powder or granules. I always use the powder type and it can be found in NTUC and any other baking shops. I always get it from NTUC)

7. 50ml hot water 

8. 1 punnet of strawberries (to tell the truth, idk what punnet means. but the number of strawberries I use is always according to my own preference)

9. One 90g-box of Tortally raspebrry-flavoured jelly crystals (this is available at NTUC and probably at other supermarkets too; optional)

1. Crush the biscuits into a bowl. They should resemble fine bread crumbs, but it is all right to have some coarser chunks. You can crush them by hand, blitz them in a food processor, or put them into a clean plastic bag and gently crush with a rolling pin or pestle. 

2. Add the melted butter to the crushed biscuits and mix well. 

3. Pour the biscuit mixture into an 18cm square baking tin. Alternatively, you can use a smiliar-sized square springform pan, or a square cake ring mounted onto a cake board. Press the mixture into the tin and pat it down firmly. (but like what I said earlier, you can put into cups or anything to suit your own preferences)

4. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. 

5. In an electric mixer, beat cream cheese until it is smooth. 

6. Add condensed milk and lemon juice. Continue to mix. 

7. Dissolve the gelatin in the hot water. Strain it if there are insoluble granules. Add to cream mixture and mix well. 

8. Pour cream cheese mixture into the tin and spread evenly. 

9. To make the hearts, bisect the strawberries, then cut out the stalk. Trim the edges if necessary. 

10. Starting in the centre, place the heart-shaped strawberries on top of the cream cheese mixture in a symmetrical fashion. Gently push them into the mixture- just deep enough to ensure that they will not slide. You will need 9 strawberry hearts if you are using large strawberries. Use more if the strawberries are smaller. 

11. Leave to set in the fridge overnight. 

12. Follow the instructions on the jelly crystals box to make the jelly solution. Let it cool to room temperature. 

13. Pour just enough jelly solution over the cheesecake so that it covers the strawberries. If you prefer a thicker jelly layer, you may pour more. Put the baking tin back into the fridge to let the jelly set, 

14. With a clean knife, slice into rectangular pieces- each piece should have a strawberry heart. 

Makes 9-12 jelly hearts, depending on the size of your strawberries. 
This recipe was taken from the Straits Times in 2011 (I forgot when alr LOLOL) 

Anyway, steps 12 onwards is only if you want to put jelly. If not, the cheesecake shud be ready to be eaten after a few hours in the fridge. This is the reason why I dun like to put the jelly since I nid to wait overnight xP  

Sunday, August 30, 2015 @ 1:13 PM

Most of the recipes posted here are from various websites or even youtube channels with some alterations to suit my own liking. Will credit them as long as I know where I got them from (cos I've been baking for quite some time, there are certain recipes that I've alr forgotten where I got them from). Anyway, this blog was intended for my own purpose but if anyone who comes across this blog and would like to use the recipes, Im totally fine with it too since I also koped recipes from many different outlets xD 

Despite having baked for many years, I consider myself an amateur baker cos it's only in recent years that I started exploring more on my own hehe. Just a summary of how I started baking: The first time I tried baking was when I was 10 years old (wow, it's been 11 years alr LOL). One fine day, I was just curious abt baking cookies and so I tot it was going to be very simple: just flour, eggs and water. Then I just anyhow mixed them and baked them in a microwave oven which obviously turned out to be a major disaster. It was just awful I still rmb. Had to throw away everything and I felt so upset abt it hahaha! And u can say that I was inspired by my uncle who was passionate abt baking too. I would watch him bake whenever I went to his hse (that is if he is baking too) and then try to help out by just kneading whatever I could back then hahaa! And soon enough, I started developing an interest in baking. However, I was still far from it. The first ever successful dessert I tried making when I was 10 years old was agar agar (it wasn't even baking fyi). All I had to do was to follow the instructions on the packaging of the agar agar powder and tada! there's the jelly HAHA! I was just intrigued by how you can make sth out of various ingredients and I secretly wished I had an oven back then. 

For a few years, I never really got to try baking on my own but I did experiment with cooking as well whenever my mum or grandma cooks at home. Then when I entered sec school, the love for baking became even stronger since we had Home Economics as one of the subjects. That was when I started persuading my parents to get me an oven and if I rmb correctly, I got it when I was ard 13 or 14 years old. And since then, I started off with cookies before slowly exploring into different kinds of desserts today. 

Yup, and til this day, I am still into baking and get really excited when I enter shops that sell baking equipment hehe! And over the years, I've spent quite a lot on baking to tell the truth. Yup, and this would have been impossible without my family's support and oso my friends who always become my guinea pigs xD Been quite a while since I've baked for them alr though. Will try to bake for them soon when I find time amidst this busy school life!! :) 

I guess I shall end here for nw. Will try to post some recipes soon and oso maybe make this blog easier to navigate ^^