Sunday, August 30, 2015

Most of the recipes posted here are from various websites or even youtube channels with some alterations to suit my own liking. Will credit them as long as I know where I got them from (cos I've been baking for quite some time, there are certain recipes that I've alr forgotten where I got them from). Anyway, this blog was intended for my own purpose but if anyone who comes across this blog and would like to use the recipes, Im totally fine with it too since I also koped recipes from many different outlets xD 

Despite having baked for many years, I consider myself an amateur baker cos it's only in recent years that I started exploring more on my own hehe. Just a summary of how I started baking: The first time I tried baking was when I was 10 years old (wow, it's been 11 years alr LOL). One fine day, I was just curious abt baking cookies and so I tot it was going to be very simple: just flour, eggs and water. Then I just anyhow mixed them and baked them in a microwave oven which obviously turned out to be a major disaster. It was just awful I still rmb. Had to throw away everything and I felt so upset abt it hahaha! And u can say that I was inspired by my uncle who was passionate abt baking too. I would watch him bake whenever I went to his hse (that is if he is baking too) and then try to help out by just kneading whatever I could back then hahaa! And soon enough, I started developing an interest in baking. However, I was still far from it. The first ever successful dessert I tried making when I was 10 years old was agar agar (it wasn't even baking fyi). All I had to do was to follow the instructions on the packaging of the agar agar powder and tada! there's the jelly HAHA! I was just intrigued by how you can make sth out of various ingredients and I secretly wished I had an oven back then. 

For a few years, I never really got to try baking on my own but I did experiment with cooking as well whenever my mum or grandma cooks at home. Then when I entered sec school, the love for baking became even stronger since we had Home Economics as one of the subjects. That was when I started persuading my parents to get me an oven and if I rmb correctly, I got it when I was ard 13 or 14 years old. And since then, I started off with cookies before slowly exploring into different kinds of desserts today. 

Yup, and til this day, I am still into baking and get really excited when I enter shops that sell baking equipment hehe! And over the years, I've spent quite a lot on baking to tell the truth. Yup, and this would have been impossible without my family's support and oso my friends who always become my guinea pigs xD Been quite a while since I've baked for them alr though. Will try to bake for them soon when I find time amidst this busy school life!! :) 

I guess I shall end here for nw. Will try to post some recipes soon and oso maybe make this blog easier to navigate ^^ 


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